Juniper Chinensis Timetable for Work

Hi all!
Could anyone give me a rundown / point me in the direction of resources for juniper care through the year?
ie when to prune/when to leave alone, when to style/wire, when best to repot (if needed) etc.
I have three large junipers (Chinensis i would guess) that i salvaged from someones yard end of July (I’m in Australia so late winter). They’ve been cut back to slightly less than half their original height
The one growing straight up isnt really showing much new growth a month into spring so far (probably the worst root collection of the lot) but the other two are thriving well.
Ultimately id like to induce backbudding rather than having it grow out at the tips. And i know i should probably leave these alone for recovery for some time first.
Ive heard/read that junipers store energy in their leaves so I’m a but confused as to how to navigate foliar reduction moving forward. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

South Australia

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There are species care sheets for 3 different junipers in the species care sheet area - Species Gallery | Bonsai Mirai. While none of them are specifically J. chinensis there is enough commonality among the junipers to guide you, particularly since J. chinensis is fairly forgiving.


Something else to mention; if you just dug these you’re not going to want to do anything to them for a couple of years. The standard post-collection procedure is to give a tree two years to recover and establish a good root system in the pot.


Partial shade and misters on a timer have worked for me. I also cover grow-boxes with wood so the misters don’t keep the soil constantly wet.
Also, l don’t cut back, the tree will decide what to keep and what to drop.
Good luck!