Repotting Aftercare?

Hi all,
I repotted quite a few trees already this year and I keep them in a protected area since. In your experience, for how long do the trees need to stay in aftercare after repotting? I will definitely protect them from freezing for the rest of the season, but how long should I wait until I can start transitioning them from their protected area back into the sun during the day?


Japanese Maple


Dawn Redwood

Hinoki (not entirely happy with the offset of the tree in the pot)

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I think the main concern is protecting them from freezing temperatures. Those are some great looking trees, post some more pics once they’ve all leaved out!

From my experience, I would think that once they start showing signs of normal healthy growth you can move them out to at least partial sun. Not sure of your location, but where I am in VA I would think that the natural progression of temperatures warming up in the spring would be enough to ease them back into normal growth routines.

Also, where did you get these pots? They are awesome!


I waited until after I’ve had to water the tree a second time. Basically about a week to week and a half depending on conditions. I don’t think that was even really necessary. The main thing is protecting them from frost which wasn’t an issue. I’ve slowed my repotting down this week because temps are gonna get to 32° tonight. Goes back up over the next week, so I’ll be repotting junipers this weekend.

Thanks for the input. I live in Switzerland, zone 7b / 8a. We’re having a very mild winter, so at the moment, I do the bonsai shuffle, moving them outside in partial sun on mild days while keeping them protected at night and during colder days.
My pots are from Frank Müller, Sperling, and Walsall. I ordered most of them from Bonsai Zentrum Münsterland in Germany (they ship internationally).


Thanks! Keep us updated on your trees if you can! They all look great!

My main concern at the moment is keeping the roots dry ish after reppoting as it’s been raining for months in the UK probably similar to you?, personally I’m putting most freshly reppoted trees on a heat matt/bed for at least 48 hours to take the chill off the roots and then keeping as many as possible under cover to control watering especially the new yamadori. Heat on the roots only becomes inefficient once the ambient air is the same which isn’t likely for me here, I just have to watch the watering carefully :+1:
The long term forecast is milder than usual for February (more rain) but we will have a few cold snaps in March.

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You guys are lucky you get to start repotting already! It’s still super cold up here in Maine :cold_face:

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I’m the same up here (near Scunthorpe) as you @WelshBarry. It’s mild for Feb but the rain and the wind, and a full greenhouse has brought everything to a virtual stand still. AND there’s more to come. So I get them out at daybreak and put them away after dark. It’s all I can do.
This time last year it was excessively warm and everything came out way earlier than expected.
Still where’s the fun in predictability eh?

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I can’t complain here. Apart from a serious storm two weeks ago, we have mixed weather and mild temperatures. Just spent a beautiful afternoon outside doing more repotting. :smile:

My biggest tree to date, before and after:

And because I was in a flow, a small bonus repot: :blush:

Now, I must slowly stop, because I start running out of space in my protection area. :upside_down_face:


Really nice trees. It looked like a very pleasant day.


My repotted trees are all looking good so far… :grinning: Hope the weather will soon consistently warm up, as I still have to do the bonsai shuffle during colder nights. On the bright side: my mail order for 5 kg Biogold just arrived.
Now I’m waiting for materials to arrive, so that I can start building a bonsai bench with shade cloth cover in the area where the trees are now sitting on the ground.