What is too much wind?

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First post here so. I’m not really a beginner but I think this post is great for this forum section and it’s something I’ve wondered about.

When we protect from wind for aftercare, post-collection, or non-hardened off leaves, what mph is too much wind? Over 10mph, or even over 5mph? And what are the visual signs - any movement of leaves at all? Or more significant?

I just repotted my Ponderosa Pine and I am trying to observe best practices to get it back to good health. I’m aware of the other elements.

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I usually keep my repots out of the wind for at least two weeks. The wind can strip the tree of its moisture. Be on the safe side and shelter the tree for the first two-three weeks. It should be kept out of direct sunlight in any case, and no water or fertilizer.