Problem with repoting Black pine

I recently made the decandle of this black pine. Last week I transplanted it to this new pot but the tree goes backwards. I would like to know if someone could tell me what is due and if I can recover it.

When trasplanting and today


Wait your comments

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I think the tree had too much work done for 1 season…Reporting in the heat of the summer is not a great thing for a tree (unless it was extremely necessary and there was no root disturbance at all). On top of everything, I see that u r fertilizing the tree before giving time to the root system to recover from the repotting.
I would remove the fertilizer, keep it in a shaded and sheltered place, and i would be very careful with the watering (balance of water and oxygen)- and pray.


I remove The fertilizer. I think as you but is late. Thank you

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Misting sure can’t hurt as well.

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