Incoming heavy rain/wind -- how to prep trees?

Hi folks,

It’s my first year down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we’re projected to get extremely heavy rain and bad wind over the weekend.

How should I prep my trees? If it’s just heavy rain, and assuming they’re in equal parts DE/lava/pumice, are they safe to be out? If it includes serious wind, should I bring it inside? (And how serious is serious?)


I would shelter them from the rain and especially the wind, some of the storms can be very aggressive. I would place them on the ground under a large tree or other shade such as pergola/arbor/awning or even covered porch. This ensures that the wont get too much water and hopefully dont get blown over. I leave my trees out on some large benches under the canopy of large crape myrtles and have never had any problem. If your trees dont like to be wet you can tilt them to lower the water table in the pots and facilitate drainage or simply place in an area where they wont get water. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Thank you so much!

That’s kind of what I figured: “rain will probably be fine, wind is a serious hazard.”

Given my relatively small yard with no real tree canopies, I think everything is going under the porch until the weather is past.

It’s better to take precaution and not need it, then to leave it to chance and regret it. I strap some trees to my benches just so they don’t blown over by a gusty day or a curious squirrel Others have plenty of mass not to worry. If I know I have heavy thunderstorms coming I move my trees to the ground under my benches, or on the porch. That will also protect from hail. Water isn’t usually a concern but big wind can wreck shop.