Ponderosa Pine Winter in the PNW

I have left all of my trees on the ground in the winter here in the PNW. I acquired a Ponderosa pine and wonder if all the rain would be detrimental. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions/experience with this? Thanks

I would say as long as your soil mixture is free draining and slightly tip the pot you should be ok.
If your mind is still unrested about survival you can also bring it into a garage if it is unheated and has a window, place under a carport, or build a small greenhouse.
Would love to see a pic of your Ponderosa. :grinning::evergreen_tree:


I also am in the PNW (Seattle) and I’ve bought four ponderosas this year. I was wondering about the same thing. Unfortunately I dont have a garage so the trees will have to stay outside. With one of them I can easily tilt the grow box to drain the water out . The other ones I’m not sure.

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The roots are what need to be protected in the winter. So another option is to use mulch as an insulator and pile it up around the pot/grow box. :grinning::evergreen_tree:

Here you go: ( not great photos I am afraid)I wish I could say I was the artist behind this tree. But I’ve kept it alive so far and look forward to learning from it over the years and doing a Ponderosa Pine of my own some day (soon). I have a pretty sunny garage - I think that may be best. Thanks guys!


Beautiful tree congrats! Is it from Bonsai Northwest?

I have 12 Yamadori Ponderosas completely exposed on their benches 12 months a year with no problems in Eugene, OR. We are Z 8 which is much milder than what thee trees can stand. Having natural wind and air movement over them as well as better sun exposure is much better in my view than being on the ground where wetness and fungus problems are a bigger liability than natural Winter cold. Just be aware that snow does not knock them over and off the bench.:wink: The exception to these things would be dry sub zero and windy(dessicating)weather for several days where I would likely shelter them in some way until it was past.

Thank you - I bought it at the Willamette Valley Bonsai group’s auction. Styled by a lovely woman, Diane ( last name??) under RN’s tutelage. Randy Knight collected material. I watched the Ponderosa Pine vid 3 times after I bought it :slight_smile:

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Thank you, that is very helpful.