Overwintering a Privet?

Hey guys, I have a quick question that i cant seem to find the answer to online or on the forum. So i have this privet bonsai that i have had for quite a few years. It was growing in the backyard of my old house in southern california where winter never happened. I now live up in Mt. Hood Oregon where the winters are long and cold. Because the tree never experienced this kind of cold i have decided to bring it inside for winter. It sits on a south facing large window with a humidity tray. (Lots of light) My concern is that i keep hearing ryan and others talk about a tree exhausting its carbohydrates if it doesnt experience dormancy and im not sure what the best thing to do for the tree would be. I really dont want to risk it to the winter exposure if its not necessary because as i said its never seen snow, but i also dont want to think im keeping it healthy and then all the sudden die one year because it exhausted all its energy. Any info would be appreciated. Theres a photo of it. Still in development but i will be repotting in a bonsai pot this spring. Thanks guys.

Hi @mthoodmowgli
Privet tends to be fairly tough, which is why it’s used for hedging, although I don’t know the cultivars you have. It “should” be fine outside, but if you are worried you could give it protection to stop it freezing. I would be worried about keeping it in your house for more than a week.

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Thanks Andy. They are super tough which makes it so great but I just wasnt sure if a plant has never seen a winter to going into a very harsh winter how they would handle it. Still on the fence about what to do with it. I will be heeling in all my other pines, junipers, etc. out in the backyard with some pine shavings etc. Crossing my fingers that everything lives haha First winter of bonsai in a cold enviornment

Also my guess is that its either a ligustrum japonicum or ovalifolium

Good luck @mthoodmowgli

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