In three seasons, bonsai; in the fourth:

Six perfect pommes soufflées.

Why, what do you use your three season bench for? :slight_smile:


Wow, weird! As a chef in a french restuarant, I spent much of last night pushing out pomme souffles to every table for New Years Eve. I could see them in my sleep last night. I woke up and went straight to my trusty Mirai forum to see what was happening in the world of bonsai, and…there they are. Great job, they are perfect!


Thank you so much - that made my day! I’ve never made pommes soufflées before, but I grew up having them annually at La Maisonette in Cincinnati, and now that I live near Antoine’s and Commander’s Palace in Louisiana, it felt like time to graduate from eating to making!

(We’re also making a nine-layer, mostly-indigenous-ingedients entremet today. Good food times.)

Happy new year, and thanks for all your kitchen work! We who love food thank you for your necessary, valuable work.


Thank you Gordon! As you know by now, pommels soufflé are not an easy task. Leave it to a bonsai artist to pick the most challenging projects🤓. Proper thickness of cut and oil temps are hard to nail. On any given new year, my success percentage can vary. My cooking career started in Slidell LA by the way. I now live in Reno NV. If you ever make it out here, contact me so you can be my guest at the restaurant.

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That’s incredibly kind, and if I’m ever in Reno, I’ll absolutely take you up on your offer!

My ratio of successes to potato chips was 1:4 – which, not bad for my first time and electric burners with numbered gauges rather than temperature listings.

And they really were the fussiest, most challenging things I’ve ever made! They for SURE dethroned puff pastry (for white fish meuniere). Very bonsai, all of it.

I lived in Reno for about 10 years before moving to the PNW 4 years ago. It’s a fun city, I miss it sometimes :slight_smile:


I use them to fill up flats with soil I can use to stick all the hardwood cuttings I can come up with. :smiley: