1941 Pieres Urban Yamadori

Timing to was not ideal but it was now or never…I have 6 larger ones in a recovery heat bed and rolled the dice going into a container on the smallest, strongest rootball, only because I have the ability to protect from freezing for the next 3 months.


Any personal experience on the specie’s from design to horticulture would be greatly appreciated and/or critique. First time posting long time creeper!


Here is another, I have all the recovery time to figure out design but struggling with what is the “essence” of the Pieres?

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This is more of a horticulture question based on my previous urban yamadori extraction. South of Boston zone 6b, January 10th, 7 we’re dug, 3 went into the ground/landscape 1 direct into bonsai ( I figured it’s worth the gamble when you score 7, I selected the strongest one based on foliage density and fine root mass after they were dug…2 of the ones I put in the landscape went to flower or seedpod ( see below)…I understand that a stress response can do this but I was under the assumption that the timing would be much closer ( inside a month say) to it’s " undisturbed flowering cycle).

Any thoughts on this, other than adding more mulch (remember it’s planted in the ground) and protecting the roots from the constant rain we have right now!

These were the only options I could think of if it’s a bad sign but trees don’t have credit cards so any growth has to be "prepaid"for…Right? Unless it’s the "goodbye show* for this tree? Then we all agree, it might as well go deep Into debt!

But seriously, any clue, anyone?

In bonsai container not flowering