Struggling Pieris?

Have not been able to slow the decline of this Pieres

Not familiar enough with Pieris to be sure but this could be a root issue or spider mites.

More pictures of the entire plant and soil would help.

Thanks I will grab some later today.
It definitely has had signs of lacebug from the foliage at one point. I have treated for that over the winter (post collection) and never saw signs of the lacebug or lava.

I thought that it might be a mineral deficiency so I have supplemented with cal mag 2x a week for about the last 6 weeks .

Last 3 weeks I finally invested in an accurate Ph Meter and learned my water was about 7.8 nd have since been watering with a lower PH 6.3-6.5

It is being kept it in dappled sun in the AM and shade in the afternoon.

Ideally I would have not done so man y actions in such a short period of time and given the tree a chance to respond on a single action but I am still learning and thought I knew more than I did!

I am ultimately wondering could this be a root related fungus and would the best action be no action just let it rest and hope it pushes?

It is the oldest and highest potential piece of material I have and would like to optimize its survival regardless of the timeline for it to “become a bonsai” …even if that means putting it in the ground for a year or two? All any advice welcomed

It is 100% pumice with a decent amount of native soil around the root ball.

It was dug out in the late fall, sat on a heat bed outside all winter and foliage was protected during snow and ice storms. Otherwise I was trying to have the biggest temp difference possible heat bed to foliage to drive root growth.

Was it exposed to medium or severe frost?

No it was protected through out

The reason for asking is that on these pictures in mainly looks dehydrated. Which could be caused by under or over watering. As Ryan says balance water and oxygen is the best advice I can give, I hope it pulls through.

I does look like a root related issue and as Robert mentioned keep it hydrated but don’t overwater. I had a tree (Coast Live oak) that looked like your Pieris and I would soak it good twice a week and let it dry out the rest of the week (I live in SoCal so different climate than yours). That worked for my oak, it did eventually bounce back but it took some time and I lost a couple branches. So don’t give up hope.

Thanks I think I was keeping it too wet . Focus will be on balancing water and oxygen.

I have been removing the flowers as it pushes. Is this the right action?


I would do the same.