What is getting to these JBP's?

I have had several new trees come down with this wilt. Lost two of them already. What is it and how do I stop it? They all come from the same nursery.

Would be helpful to know where you are.
Maybe what kind of pines your showing…
All my trees / pines are suffering… Probably from fried roots. Inland Pacific N W.
108 here last week. Air is at 15% humidity.The pot temps were >95F… even with shade cover and constsnt water watching.
Will see in 6 weeks…
Bonsai On!


  • JBP=Japanese Black Pines.
  • I am in Dallas Texas, Zone 8. We have been having 90-95 F temps which are 5 degrees below normal.
  • The trees’s roots are protected by shade, but there may be other root issues going on…
  • All the affected trees came from one nursery. Suspecting some kind of bug or fungus? I was hoping someone might recognize it and tell me the miracle treatment that will cure them before they die. :frowning:

Re: your trees, I can commiserate. Once you get to 100F+ you really have to cover the roots and bring the tenderest species inside.

These things can be so frustrating.
I’d think this might be root related, seems like the roots can’t supply the foliage for some reason.
I’d examin the roots on one of them that will probably kill that tree, but since it’s already dying, better lose one then all.

Hi @Makuen-amer . Did you sort out the problem? It could be you have something like vine weevil eating away on the roots. You can get nematodes for them which is safer than chemicals when it’s hot. Just a thought…