What's wrong with these JBP seedlings?

Hi all,

i have these 2 year old JBP seedlings:

Now recently i recognized a discoloration in the needles:

Unfortunately my pine knowledge and experience is very limited so far. So i hope you guys can help me identify the problem. I suppose it is a balance of water and oxygen problem because of the wet conditions the last few weeks but i am not sure. Can anybody support this or does anybody know what causes this discoloration?

Thanks for your help

Nobody any idea what could cause this discoloration? It happens over the complete tree so i think it should be a root related issue. I just want to be sure that it is a H2O:O2 problem. Not that i miss the opportunity to spray something if it might be a fungus or something else.

What do you have them potted in? looks very organic/wet, even as seedlings I find pines don’t like wet feet so maybe adjust your watering and tilt your tray on an angle to increase water flow out of the container.

It’s a bonsai soil from a bonsai shop. Unfortunately it has a lot of peat inside and i think that is the problem. As long as it is a balance probleme i am happy. I just was not sure if it could be some disease or something. They will be repotted in a few weeks anyway. Hopefully that will solve the problem then.

Can you easily scrape the white stuff off? If so, it might be pine needle scale.

No i can’t scrape it off. It’s no external layer on the needles it is really just a discoloration of the needle itself. Nothing on top of the needle.

It doesn’t look like the usual suspects. I agree with starting with a balance of air and water.

@SkeiL How did this play out?

The result is pretty 50:50. I repotted them in spring, two survived and two died. The two which survived are doing good. They have not put on a huge amount of growth this year but new needles don’t show any discoloration or spots so i am happy. Looks like it definitely was a balance of water/oxygen problem.