Anything to be concerned about?

Hi this is a Scots pine I picked up recently. Is this discoloration in the needles just the old needles beginning to be shed? Or is it something I should be concerned with. Tree appears vigorous and none of this years needles are discolored. Yet. Thanks

Could be dothistroma. I would check the Mirai stream on that for details and then take a closer look at the needle tips.

Thanks, not too happy about that considering Ryan says I’m his video it will take 2 years to get rid of.

Yeah it sucks, some of my pines get it a little bit as well, I have a young kid so I am scared of using fungicides, so I’m just hoping it goes away with a lot of care towards appropriate soil mixes and good watering practices to balance water and oxygen in the roots.:man_shrugging:.

If anyone knows any non-chemical treatments it would much appreciate the advice.