Loblolly Pine Yellowing Needles

I started to notice this year’s growth at the base of the needle starting to yellow/brown yesterday before watering in the am. I went out this morning and it looks worse. They have already pushed out 3 flushes this year so they have the resources. Have been treating with systemic insecticide and mancozeb. Could this be over/underwatering issue? They are planted together and will be reported in early spring to individual pond baskets

Has this situation improved any? What you call Yellowing, I’d call browning. Yellowing tends to be root related (too much or too little water). I don’t pretend to know exactly whats going on here, but I’d suspect this might be insect related …except you say you’ve been using systemics. What are you using? How often?

Could it be physical damage? That doesnt seem likely though since it seems to be affecting all of them the same way. Just brainstorming. Hope you can get this figured out. Give us an update.

The die back stopped like halfway down the afflicted needles and new flush looks good so far. Using systemic talstar, malathion and an organic insecticide for mites, copper fungicide and mancozeb. Here are some photos. Also finding more sap areas and exposed tissue