Home made display bench

I built a new display bench in the style of a torii gate recently and thought I would share.

Very simple construction.

Don’t judge me on my trees. I’m a beginner and in the right place :joy:


Great job, enjoy the journey l.

Nice job Amit!

I made my benches in the style of a bunch of old pallets precariously stacked together and waving in the wind :sweat_smile:


I actually like both - the bench and your trees too :slightly_smiling_face:


They are all just bushes on trunks at the moment.

Need so serious pruning and wire work next spring.

Mine was made using the slats from my old bed base. I have been hoarding pallets over the summer for the next wave of construction!

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I have 2 benches. One, a 6 ft 2 level bench I made from cedar two years ago, and the other an 8 ft picnic style bench I made with cedar 2x4’s and plastic bench frames I bought from Mayfair. In between the benches you can see my Dawn Redwood, a Larch Forest on the stone bench, and a bushy Arakawa that will get potted up next spring.

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Did you use the Sho shugi ban technique on the vertical supports? The look charred and it is a very nice bench. Well done!

Here is a photo of a bench I made recently. I found the design online and pulled it into Sketchup and made a few tweaks. I like it but will make a few more modifications before I make a second one.


Yes I did and thank you

Here is a picture of it in it’s setting.

I made some Japanese style patio furniture to go with it


Beautiful work! I may have to have a go at the Sho Shugi Ban myself on the next set of benches. Well done!


FWIW, the process is called yakisugi in Japan, not shosugiban.


@nmhansen, thank you! I will check that article out and it is good to have my terms correct.

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Wow, yakisugi, I learned something new today! I wonder what my house would look like with some new siding…

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Just make sure you burn the wood before you put it on the house.

It’s a great process but can be time consuming if you need to burn a large surface and all you have is a hand held blow torch.

It was great fun however, and the finish once oiled is beautiful

In Japan, they do it in bundles of 3. I can’t recommend this method for your first attempt though :laughing:

ya, I think I’ll buy it pre finished from nakamato before I go through all that for the whole house :slight_smile:

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I’ve built two benches. The first was a 2 level 4ft bench I built from scratch with cedar boards 2 years ago. The second is a 8 ft one level picnic style bench I made this spring with plastic legs from a kit from Wayfair, using 2x4 cedar lumber.

In the 3rd picture there is a larch forest on the stone bench to the left of the picnic bench, and there is a dawn redwood to the right of the short bench on the left side of the picture. Also a few trees in grower’s pots in front of the bench on the right.


I built one off of that same design. Really like the way it turned out. Waiting for the wood to season a bit before I put stain on it and seal it. Yours looks great!


Thanks :slight_smile: