Bench -double-triple duty

Built a 8ft long bench designed to display trees on top but also has 6mm poly panels that slide in and out underneath creating a cold frame with two heat mats covering 24inches wide 8 feet long for freshly repotted trees. I haven’t inserted these pieces yet because they are cedar not PT wood because the health of trees come first, my wallet second.

The bench is is all joinery but will reinforce with exterior screws in a few spots because I have a kid and 2 dogs and my kid has friends and when they come in contact with nice things bad ideas perpetuate! The joinery makes it collapse and pack flat so I have no excuse to get rid of it for an excuse to build more things. Figured I’d share the concept now in case this is useful for anyone about to build something. I’m looking at another 5-10 weeks before the PT fully dries out at best.

Anyways it was the last joinery project before I tackle a timber framed greenhouse…big enough for this monster of a table to reside! And posting it here will for e me to do it.

Happy repotting season to the northern hemisphere.


Damn that bench is beautiful! hats off to the patio installer too! Very curious to follow the greenhouse build! I was looking to do one my self but just found my site is within a wetland zone! so looking for a new location! keep us posted!

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Thanks- the patio is stamped concrete, I did it about 4 years ago and its holding up well!. Goodluck with your search

Now there’s a roof/overhang . Will update when it’s finished

Stellar build!!!

I was watching a video of Adam Toth (Japanese trained and certified) bonsai professional set up his shelves. He burned the wood with a touch to get that nice texture. I did that on one of my shelves. I scrubbed with steel brush after. Better for wide boards but a cool technique for getting texture and color. Show us when it’s all set up!!!

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That’s interesting I will have to check him out. Here’s a cedar grow box with a burnt finish (shou sugi ban).


I made the pergola top at too steep a pitch, will update when I add the top

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Here’s a before and after, 1 trip through the vortex (5 years to the week) with my yard from my kitchen window

I took some close ups of the heat bed underneath. I didn’t have the time to make one that fit how I would like this year but I put the one I use for repotting underneath until I get around to making the one to fit. The other pic is of the heat/recovery bed I use for yamadori. Having it on wheels is a game changer!

Happy spring if your in the Northern hemisphere!

You need more bonsai… Looks like youre not even obsessed , yet…

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Can you email my wife and explain that to her… because I am on my way to the nursery!

I don’t even have 1 juniper so I’m just getting started :wink:

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The real trick is to encourage HER obsession … My wife is currently into hand knitting socks… I used to be weaving. She who dies with the most yarn wins…
Ya… dont see a juniper in your photos… look for a larger(2"+) trunk shinpaku. Get two… Then start several trays of cuttings… for barter material in 10 years… I really like my RM junipers… and my weaping psiferia. Im hoping several of the 90ish cuttings I made off the extreme north Idaho Juniper I found…
Oooh! I dont see a bald cypress (mine is awsome!), or a Japanese larch forest (I have three!).
My order from the local county Conservation District arrives friday! 50+ saplings!
No, no kidding aside… dont get sucked into this Mirai vortex. Save yourself now! Maybe have your wife do an intervention and de-addiction incarceration…
Bonsai On!


Yes. Yes I need help.
Send scotch… Preferably a Glenmorangie Nectar D’or…, or any double cask Highland…
Bonsai On!


Haha amazing response, dogs she is into dogs we never have less than 2.

My interest now is about size, which I am sure is a natural progression through the vortex. 16inch jap maple $100 I help out 2 local nurseryman and the owner wanted to get rid of this plus 3 weeping Japanese maples all similar caliber…its in clay so it’s going to be a fun long project and I spent 5 hours at the nursery reducing it to get in my SUV. I have several callus and blood blisters now :grin:

Bonsai on!

Instead of starting a new thread
My plan was to reduce as much structural roots and as much clay as possible while keeping enough fine roots to support what pushes. Had to reduce about 30% of the branching to get it home. Then box it up with recovery mix perilite/saw dust (aka wood bedding). This would cost me $600 in pumice where I live that’s why I go that route. Is this a sound approach or what am I not thinking about?

Good play. Hopefully none of the above are purple…? Just dont put them into the ground!
This requires an outlay for new fancy dog collers, maybe raingear / cold weather coats… AND a pair of 4 shoes for each…

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Looks undrafted and scarless for the most part. What I have should be plenty of root? I’m about at the point where I am getting nervous?

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Dry fitting :grinning: