Bonsai tree Bonsai tree benches

I whipped these up over the weekend. I just threw some 2x10 I had laying around on top to see what they would look like. It is only 4 feet long. The legs are the real project ignore the top. I am planning to start making 1 to 2 sets of these a week and maybe some without the removable brace. For use as a center leg on a longer bench.

What does everyone think?

I love them and hope I can find a home for a lot more of them.


Very nice. I am sure you will find a market for them.

Thanks Marty they are still in development but bt the ti.e I get to tertiary I thi k they will really be something.

Those are super cool.

Thanks Bentley I appreciate it.

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love these - I really dig the tree graphic. would make beautiful console table for indoors as well

Thanks. I think depending on what kind of top is put on they could work for almost anything.

A a single wide two (or three) toned live edge plank would be lovely. Redwood stained. Heavy ployurethane finish.
I see them for sale around here all the time. Think Nishima table…

Here they are whith a more appropriately sized top. This is how I originally invisioned the bench to look. Low visual impact but interesting if you look. Also lightweight and incredibly strong. Outside of my labor which was about 8 hours for this one. I did alot of head scratching. The material cost was quite low. 40 dollars in rebar and 25 dollars in lumber. Plus a handful of hardware I had lying around.

A more fancy top or a different length, width I’m sure could be even better to look at. I see alot of people struggle to build themselves a nice bench to display there wonderful trees. After all not all bonsai artists are carpenters. I thought maybe I could solve that problem with a reasonably priced attractive set of legs anyone could put a top on and make there own.
I dream of making a living through bonsai. I don’t see myself as an incredibly talented bonsai artist. I am developing hundreds of pieces of material collected and nursery stock. At the same time trying to find other empty places in the bonsai supply chain I may be able to fill.

I am always looking for ways to create tables for my plants. I had a frame made from metal pipe with cedar planks on top. Your frames are much more attractive.

Thanks Farmergirl. I had thought about using round stock but I like the rough look of the rebar. It is almost like bark.