Garden Design Ideas

Hi all,

Just put the finishing touches on our upper bonsai garden benches this week. Too bad it’s time for all the trees to be on the ground. In terms of garden plants and accents, any suggestions? We have some room for planted trees and grasses. What’s worked well for you? Might also add some vines to the benches. This would be for Colorado (zone 5).



Nice work

Depending on what bonsai you have, you might plant things to maximize sun or perhaps to provide shade.

Make sure you plant vegetation that wont be disease vectors.

Do you want a consistent theme? If youre going Japanese, think about japanese vegetation. My garden has dwarf pines in the landscape that really add a nice touch. Think Japanese maples, and rhododendron. I think moss is gorgeous and I think moss would make your set up feel more “lived in”

I like your hardscape. I also have boulders. I think they are super awesome in a garden. You might want to think about putting some on the top terrace, or adding those stone Japanese lamps

I personally would avoid vines on my benches as they will degrade the wood and cast some serious shade


beautiful Looks like a really fun space

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Awesome! Thanks for the helpful suggestions here.

Thanks for sharing, more garden ideas like this welcome!


Great space!
I’m about to move into a permanent home and looking for all kinds of ideas, so appreciate you sharing yours. Looks like you have some great sun. I’m just the opposite and going to have to fell a few trees in the yard to open up for more light.
Look forward to seeing a photo when you have all your tree out on display.


how it working for you? Do you like your design? Update pictures?


It’s going well! I built each of the structures to accommodate specific varieties and so far it seems to be working out. The middle bench/structure is for full sun conifers, while the east facing structure is for deciduous as it gets afternoon shade. The west facing bench is for broadleaf evergreens and gets shade during the hotter part of the day. Still adding some grasses and other plants around the benches to soak up the heat, but it’s coming along. Thanks for asking!


A few more pictures of the garden…


Its really a beautiful setting you have created. I really like your eye for design.

Really nice job Josh. You put a lot of thought are creativity into your design! Well done.