Having trouble finding asymmetry podcasts

Finally found them with the search function but miss the ease of finding them under the blog heading. Love all the content, but needs to be easy for this old man!


So… went to blog… clicked on individual button and there are the asymmetry podcasts!!
Old geezers like me do not deal well with change. Thank you for all the great information!


You might find it easier to find them in a “podcatcher” app if you dont mind listening to them on mobile. Google and apple each have their own version of the app and there are several third party options.

Via the app you can subscribe to the podcast which will auto-download each episode and notify you. You can go back and get all the old episodes too.

Yeah I like using Stitcher for that on my phone. But there are other podcast apps out there that other people like better. I forget all the platforms that Asymmetry goes through, but they use Stitcher (and most of the other major podcasts too)