Podcast thread: Todd Schlafer - 7/31/20

Some interesting tidbits in this one. My favorite part was the discussion of a tree showing signs of recovery and the dangers of misreading it. When I see it recovering my first thought is “Sweet, I get to style this badboy this spring!” when really I should probably just be happy that it’s adjusting to the new environment and give the tree a year off. Difficult for me to do because I’m so impatient.

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Oh, another point made in the podcast. Ryan said that he’s over “precious trees”. You know; the prima donna trees that balk at the slightest mistreatment. Naturally trees in recovery are going to be finicky. I’m over the trees that frankly I shouldn’t have bought. Last year I went on a tear buying trees left and right in order to add variety to my collection.

Well, some things just will not do well in my environment. I’m over fussing over those trees. It’s just an unnecessary struggle for both myself and the tree. I feel guilty for putting them through it. To that end; I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I just can’t have all the species. My time is too limited to be struggling with a species that just shouldn’t even be here.


Basic bonsai rule: If it doesn’t survive I didn’t need it anyway…
I’m on my 4th bristlecone, and 3rd bald cypress (wish I had bought the other two…)… and I really don’t like those prickly Chinese garden junipers…


Ha, that’s kind of my thinking these days. I’m fairly confident in my skills to keep something alive. I know when I’m pushing it and when it bites me I know it’s my fault. It’s when I do what I feel like should be ideal and the plant doesn’t respond that I move on. Not saying that it’s the plant’s fault, but if it doesn’t like my environment and the way I feel I need to care for it then it wasn’t meant to be.

So far that’s been a larch and some maples. Although I’m thinking the issue with the maples was a magnesium deficiency. My kotohime and rubrum are pretty happy.

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I’ve been waiting for this podcast and it’s still not showing up in Apple. Wondering if @Eve is aware of this?

@Tac - Try Spotify. Apple has not been working for me either.

Hmm, I listened to it using Stitcher on my iPhone.

Also I see it in the Apple podcast app too

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Soil science is the last podcast showing up for me. Restarted the ap, restarted the phone, still nothing. Maybe I need to unsubscribe and resubscribe? Not sure.

Hey Tac!

A couple of people are having a similar issue to you with seeing podcasts on Apple podcasts. I reached out to our web developers and it seems to be an issue that multiple podcasters are having with Apple. On my phone, the Todd Schlafer podcast did not show up for a few hours, and only after I had powered down and closed all my apps. Since it sounds like you have already tried this to no avail, here is a link to an Apple forum that seems to discuss this exact same issue: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8568737

Hopefully Apple resolves the issue soon! In the meantime, perhaps try another device and/or another podcast streaming service.



It can be streamed from the link I provided above as well.

I use Overcast on my iPhone and it works great. My wife and son use it very heavily and suggested I use it.

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Yeah just googling stitcher always seems to work for me.

was no issue via apple podcast on my end