Changes to Asymmetry podcast!

Hi everyone!

We’ve got a few updates for you regarding our podcast, Asymmetry.

First of all - we have switched podcast hosting platforms, so our podcast will no longer be available on Soundcloud after August 9, 2019. We made this choice in order to make Asymmetry be available on a wider range of podcast platforms.

Which brings me to my next news: Asymmetry is now available on Spotify!

If you listened to Asymmetry in your web browser straight from our Soundcloud page in the past, you can now do so at our Podbean page or from this page on our blog.

To recap the changes: you can still access Asymmetry on all familiar podcast platforms, plus Spotify. You can still access Asymmetry via web browser by using the links above. You will not be able to access Asymmetry on Soundcloud after August 9, 2019.

If this post was very confusing and you want to know how to start listening to our podcast, click here to read all about the different ways to listen.

Thank you all so much for your support - if you have any questions, please either ask them here (tag me @Sam) or email Thanks again!