Got me some pumice

Beautiful Glacier Peak pumice mined many many years ago.
Stocking up for Yamadori and to make my soil mixes :mountain: :evergreen_tree: :metal:t2:


Wow! That’s er…quite a bit you have ready.

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You must have 5,000 trees :neutral_face:

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5000! Yikes! I wouldn’t ever get any sleep :crazy_face:

I will be getting more. :smile:
My source has an unscreened pile that I will screen into multiple sizes :+1:t2:
It’s a massive pile with a great story on how it got here

if not 5000 trees, then a lot of or one veery big screening sieve!

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Wow, you win.
Way more obsessive …
What is that, 250 gallons? (I had a problem lifting 50 gallons, had to dump it out and shovel when the contaner was in truck…)
Do you have a source for 1/4" lava? I need 100+ gallons…:rofl:
I’m on the east Wa side.

Its almost 200 gallons.
The one place I could find multiple grain size including 1/4” is Palmer Coking Coal Co. in Black Diamond