Get your Pumice ready for your collected trees

Fall is knocking at the door!!!
Yamadori season is around the corner and pumice is the ideal substrate for potting up that newly collected specimen. :+1:t2:
Shoot me a message, I have many sizes available, from dust to the 1/2" for your drainage/aeration layer. :christmas_tree: :smiley:


What are your prices and sizes?

Right now I am using USPS large flat rate.
So a box of any grain size is just under 1/2 cu. ft. (.458 cu. ft.) is $50.
Please do some research on this pumice which comes from the Glacier Peak Wilderness here in Washington state. This pumice can no longer be sourced from there so it makes it somewhat of a rarity, and little more valuable than the typical pumice gray/white pumice.
I have been using this pumice for a few years with amazing results with my collected trees and trees in development. :+1:t2: :christmas_tree: :smiley: