Critique My Wiring Attempt

This was my first attempt at wiring anything and I’m proud of it, but I’m wondering what I can improve? Feel free to be honest. I’ll note in advance that I’m aware that the garden centre wire is a no-no.




Well, first things first. You have now wired a tree! Is garden center wire a bad thing? It looks like standard Joshua Roth aluminum wire to me. If not, I would suggest looking into copper wire as it does hold longer without stretching. Mirai has all gauges and is in the store section of this site. The angles on the wire on the left and I am presuming your defining branch look great. On the back lower branch that is visible, the wire looks to be a bit to short of an angle. Try to remain consistent, and don’t be afraid to bend the branches more, so they are not to perpendicular to the pot. Looks way better than my first wiring, that’s for sure Check out the structural wiring stream if you have not and keep on keeping on.


It is hard to assess the wiring without some more detailed pictures, but it looks OK from this picture. My only suggestion would be to narrow the fork in the lower left branch quite a bit and then bend the two away from each other to create foliage pad.



Great job! Looks like you probably had a lot of fun with this one! Here are some notes. From the pictures it is hard to tell exactly what I am seeing in some locations so I apologize if I have misidentified flaws.

  1. Looks like these wires cross in an unnecessary way. But more than that you have only wired half the branch. Applying structural wire to the entire branch at this location would give you the control of moving it into a better position. For that you’ll need some heavier gauge copper wire.
  2. At this location it looks like the wire is spans two branches at a super steep angle. See how you could achieve a better paring of wired branches here.
  3. Here we see a large gap at the shoulder of the branch. Gotta make solid contact with the shoulder.
  4. From a design standpoint I think you could compress the right side a lot and remove the lowest 1 or 2 branches on the right. Currently the silhouette is too wide. Also, I would apply some structural wire to the first branch and lower it a bit.

@ryan.marin This is incredibly helpful! Thank you for taking the time. I will absolutely take this on board, and your design suggestion has hit the nail on the head too. I’m excited to give it another shot.