Cooper wire selection

I have # 6 - 8 - 10 and 12 copper wire. 98% of my bonsais are small shohin and medium sizes. I use copper wire for structural wire only.
Do any of you feel I need to expand my wire?

I had a stoke and lost 70% of my right hand . I use mostly alum wire. b/c its easier . I also have been disappointed with the industry’s flexible with cooper wire.
Is the cooper wire from Mirai really that soft ?

Thank you


Lots of factors here. What species are you primarily working? If they are small branchs and flexible, aluminum may work. With Copper wire you can use smaller gauges to hold the same, might be easier with your hand. I think copper looks better most of the time. I would consider getting up to 18. Mirai wire is great, I think, but there are lots of other options. There’s been a few good auctions on FB lately.

Wire on secondary and tertiary is not too tough and it really makes a big difference in style. Also can help with back budding to lay the branch tips flat.

Hi @x-x,
It sounds like you might be using non-annealed wire currently. Is that correct? Annealed wire is way softer and I highly recommend it. It will be a lot softer on your branches and will go on smoother. Non-annealed wire will have some kinks that even when smoothed out will create hard spots.
Also, I would definitely get some 14, 16, 18 gauge wire.

I have aluminum wire now I’m going to buy more wire . I’ve bought annealed cooper wire in 6 +8 gauge which I 18" left. What differences do you see in Mirai cooper wire? In the ease of wiring conifers and deciduous trees ?