Where do you procure Copper Wire?

Looking to acquire some more copper wire and I usually went with Adams’ Bonsai when I was living on the East Coast.


Now that I’m on the West Coast, I’ve looking for a new source. Tried to find Jim Gremel’s website and had some issues with it. Any thoughts if Jim is still producing copper wire? If yes, how do I go about ordering some?

And if you have other vendors, that’s great too!


Hi Kip,

I have ordered my copper wire both through Bonsai Mirai at the link below:


and also through Andy Smith at this website:


The quality I have received from both is excellent. Hope this helps!


Hi Kip,

I’ve ordered aluminum and copper wire from Dallas Bonsai, and I’ve been very happy with it. Here’s the link to their copper wire:


Hope this helps!

Try contacting him at jim@jimgremel.com

I can currently supply up to 20 foot lengths on thin gauge and shorter lengths on thicker gauge

Jim is still burning copper.

Here is his new email.



This is good to know! I thought he had stopped after I saw the website go. I had switched recently to American Bonsai down in Florida for my copper.

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Kip, Adams has very reasonable prices, so shipping shouldn’t be an issue in terms of cost. He doesn’t carry 4 gauge, though.

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Just as a safety concern, you really shouldn’t be sending credit card info through e-mail unless you are encrypting the e-mails.


I use aluminum up to the point where only copper will do. I get 10, 8, 6 gauge bare copper from Home Depot. Then I put the coils into my glass kiln, heat it to 1450°F, then quench it in a bucket of water.

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