Mirai store question

Ok, so I haven’t been on the Mirai store page in some time now. Last time I was on it though, I do remember seeing a bundle/package deal for a full set of the copper wire. I just went to purchase it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I have looked in all the right places and I can only find were you buy each size seperatly…does anyone know if I am just not looking in the right spot? Or does anyone know if they stopped selling the bundle and have just went to single size purchases at a time? Thanks in advance! I hope all is well for Mirai family!

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I have only purchased and seen it available in separate coils.

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Hi Korey! I believe we took that off the site because we currently only sell that package to onsite students. If you email sam@bonsaimirai.com we might be able to work something out. And always feel free to tag me with questions like this :slight_smile:

I was just on yesterday and saw it as a selection at the bottom of where you select the gauge you want. The last option in the list.

Yea, it wasnt there before as they took it down but just recently added it bsck to the store.