Mirai Store Wire

Hi All,

Does anyone in Canada have any experience ordering wire from the Mirai Store? It seems the prices are competitive, but I’m wondering if there are any customs duties or other cross border complications for importing copper?

Yes, I bought copper wire earlier this year for delivery to Oakville Ontario. They shipped using UPS. I got surprised by the UPS $111 charge for brokerage and handling fees.

I wrote to Josh and said that they need to provide a lower cost shipping fee, especially if it is to Canada.

The USPS and Canada Post have an agreement where they waive the brokerage/handling fees between countries, but duties still apply (minor cost).

If you order email Josh and tell him you want USPS shipping. Slower, but far cheaper.

Ive ordered copper wire from another US supplier and it never cost more than $50-60 for shipping, brokerage, and duty.

Thanks for the info Bob! When and how are the duties charged and paid? I often get suspicious emails telling me I must go to a web site to add my card info, even when I haven’t ordered anything. :expressionless:

Hi Walt. UPS emails or texts you (I forget which I got) telling you how much the costs will be and giving you a link to pay online (or a phone # you can call to do the payment by phone) before their stated delivery date.
Once you pay you get a confirmation # you are supposed to give the UPS delivery man. Their email said a signature was required for receipt. However, the delivery man just left the box on my doorstep and didn’t bother to knock or ring the doorbell. I got a confirmation email showing the receipt signature, it wasn’t mine. I assume it was the delivery mans.