First time major wiring!

I’ve been into bonsai for about 5 years now and have never done any major wiring. I’ve wired a few branches here and there but never a whole tree. I decided to wire my Shimpaku because alot of the branches were getting too straight! Any tips or feedback is much appreciated!


Nice tree! I think it’s a good one to do your first real wiring job on. It looked like it was well established, and some branch selection had previously been done. I liked your styling choices, and revisions you made a few weeks later.

-Think about the timing a bit more. I’ve had the best success making big structural bends in late winter or early spring on Junipers. And, I like the fall for more conservative styling work.
-Try to even out the coil spacing a little more. Once you get more experience this becomes easier, and you start thinking a few coils ahead.
-Work on reducing spaces and gaps between the wire, branches, and crotches. It helps protect the branches a little better, and it looks a little nicer when the tree is fully wired.
-When using guy wires, protect the branches with something. I’ve used rubber from inner tubes of bicycle tires, doubled up black duct tape, even a piece of plastic tubing. Use it as a buffer between the wire and branch so the wire does not cut in to the bark…or further.

I would think about getting some stock material and keep practicing! It’s been a couple years for me, and I’m still ‘not there’. I definitely need more practice as well!

Good luck to you!

Oh, I forgot to mention Mirai’s wiring videos. For example…