First time Wiring: Creeping Juniper

My first time properly wiring a piece of nursery stock! It’s much harder than it looks lol. And takes a while. I tried to wire all of the structural branches.

Please offer feedback and constructive criticism on the transformation generally and specifically the wiring.

I tried to remember “same angle same spacing no gaps” (Ryan Neil) but that obviously didn’t translate to my wiring ability automatically :confused:

(Disclaimer… I’ve not changed the soil out or touched the roots at all… I have just added a thin layer of aggregate soil to cover the exposed roots from when I was finding the nebari, as I don’t want them to dry out).

But yeah, please let me know where I can improve, and please give advice on when to perform the repot and how to elevate the design.

Peace :slight_smile:

Finished tree



Basic styling


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Looks pretty good! The bonsai youtubers make wiring look easy. I have a couple of J. chinensis “Sea Green” that I’m bringing to our bonsai club tomorrow for my first in-person lesson on wiring. I’ve done half a dozen on my own, but I can tell I did something wrong.

Design wise, maybe reduce the jin a little? In nature, the thinner dead branches would be more broken off.