Cotoneaster - Design

Hello everyone,

Just did some work on my Cotoneaster.
I used a wire to bring one branch down since it was too far upright and caused a gap. But now i am thinking on removing the whole branch (see the triangle, thats the foliage mass of the branch).
What do you guys think? Keep it as it is, remove the branch or any other ideas?


First, cool tree! That’s the chunkiest Cotoneaster I’ve ever seen.

I’d hold off on removing it. The counter balance branch to the left is very strong and would create a high degree of symmetry.

It also feels like the foliage mass in general is too much for the base, which has quite a bit of negative space. Could you plant it deeper in a narrower, deeper pot to reduce the inverse taper, and possibly change the planting angle? The trunk is currently pretty vertical near the base.

I would play with some of these options before doing any significant reductions of the foliage. Maybe just thinning to let more light in.


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What about a change in angle? You can get some more movement in the trunk. The canopy reduction wouldn’t be too bad.

I don’t know if it’s the picture but just removing the top on its own seems like it’s missing something. I can’t put my finger on it. It may just be that the picture looks flat. If you could bring a pad forward on the right side it could give some depth.

Thanks Brad! I will try to play with that first and see what result i get

I have exactly the same feeling!
Reducing that part feels ok but missing something. Maybe i should the other side as the front, it has less inverse taper. What do u all think?: