Help Me with Final Design on this JBP

This is a Dan Robinson tree I purchased about ten years ago. It was about twice as tall when I got it. I have slowly been reducing the height over the years and I think I know what to do with it, re: design, but I would love to get some suggestions before I make my final decisions. Ideas?


Hi @Makuen-amer,

It would be great to see what the tree looks like rotated 10-20 degrees clockwise.
Additionally, I think you could compress the trunk with a guy wire.


For sure you are right about the lowest branch. I have always considered that a sacrifice branch. And. . . the whole profile needs to be compressed. Which means to shorten most branches. I had not thought about using guy wire to bend the main trunk. It’s about 2" thick at the point you suggest performing the bend. I would probably need to extract a wedge to bend it. But I like the idea.

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This screams “traditional bonsai design” to me. Branches at the outside of the uniform bends and a nice line to the apex.

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How about a literati, plenty of movement of the trunk and you could make a couple of gins out of the lower branches.

I disagree on compression. It seems to have a slender fluid trunk that would lend well to an elongated form continuing up and to the right.

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I would not be too keen on losing any branches. This is already a cliffside tree hanging on for dear life against the elements . Consider keeping that low branch and cascading it as if growing on a hillside or cliff. Location of branches is fortuitous for you so use it well. The height and movement are all good things. However it appears you have a bar branch at the very top of the trunk. Can something be done to resolve that? More views of the tree would help evaluating all things here.

I rotated the tree by about 20 degrees, so that the apex is aligned with the tree’s central axis. I think I like this for the front.

Sideviews and back need work. A couple of large but unnecessary branches need to go.

Other side view.


Comments or suggestions?