Calendar Feed Link Idea

I was wondering if there is a calendar feed link that we can subscribe to as members?

It would be nice to be able to have an automatic reminder on topic and times sync to personal calendars.

I do not believe there is.
Everyone has trees that have different needs.
Some trees are in development, some in refinement.
Try using a reminder on your phone.

Did you mean a calendar feed for upcoming streams? That could be handy and should be simple to implement with a public google calendar. Thoughts, @Eve ?

Yes, for upcoming streams.

Hi there!

The current system we have is a live calendar on the homepage that is always kept up to date, so by logging into Mirai Live and checking the right-hand side next to the video rectangle, you will see the next 3 scheduled livestreams.

The other option to keep up to date with our streams is to subscribe to our weekly newsletter gif you are not already: Bonsai Mirai

The Monday weekly newsletter will let you know about livestream and ministream topics and times, Q+A sessions for pro members, and related content that you can catch up on in advance of the next lesson to jog your memory.

Hope this helps!