Buttonwood Styling

I like styling trees that scare me. Trees that are just a little over my threshold of comfort and bonsai skills. This Buttonwood was one of those trees.

It had a large over sized branch that broke some rules but I knew that if I got rid of it, the tree would lose its wildness.
It also had a large structural branch that created a large circular area that I really didn’t like so I took a deep breath and removed it from the back.

It was also pretty root bound so I repotted it and changed the angle to make it more 3 dimensional. (Missed the potting angle by a hair but that’s ok) oh and I used a new tie down technique during the repot (chopstick into the rootball and then wired down)

All in all, every step of the way has been a “here goes nothing” moment but I’m so glad I trusted my gut. I’m pretty pleased with the direction that has been set. There are some holes that need to fill in but that will come with time.

This tree was styled in honor of Mary Madison.


Mhhh. I like the design. Very well done

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Update on the buttonwood


Really lovely tree, great job! Looks awesome with the leaves filled in.

Can we please see a few more photos from the shoot? Where is this beautiful location?

Thank you so much. I’m loving this tree lately. I posted a few more on Instagram. @grove_bonsai

This location was alongside the Rickenbacker causeway heading out to Key Biscayne in Miami FL.

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nice ,I almost can imagine the tree on a wooden slab