The scariest day

Today had the scariest day of my (admittedly short) bonsai life.
First major design work on a tree. Always a challenge to remove yet the next branch.
Question is rather remove too little this time and come back or go all in and develop from pared back design?
Some more wiring in Apex and then i might have the courage to post the result.

Thats a lot of foliage!
Do you have a before picture?
What is your plan for winter care?

ha, now it gets even scarier.
joking aside. Before and after will follow.
the past 2 winters were extremely mild, so if we get another one the tree stays with the rest moved together and protected from wind. If it gets colder everyone who needs it will move in cold storage with ample light.

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The before

And now


What is your plan with the apex?
I am seeing it being brought to the right and down, it looks a little disconnected from the rest of the tree way up there.
Do you have access to copper wire?
You will have greater success moving branches with larger gauge and less wire.

it is already brought further down than in the picture. I am debating if i take out the foliage below it and then bring it still further down to the trunk. the whole trunk comes all the way back to the elbow. As the trunk becomes quite straight and “young” there it does not fit too well to rest of the tree.
Thank you for the tip with the copper wire. This is my first styling/wiring exercise and thus i started with too small diameter and then ended adding to that.

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