Button wood pot suggestions

Any pot suggestions for this button wood? Collected by Mary Madison. I fell in love with the dead wood and compact foliage. So this tree needs development obviously , but that being said my mother is a potter and we are working together to make some pots for my trees.

So just out of curiosity I’d like to hear your thoughts on how to play off the deadwood and the environment that these trees grow in naturally (Florida beach coast) as far as pot design goes. If anyone has a picture of their button wood please share.


Nothing smooth and refined. Something like those broken egg shell pots (wish I knew what they are called).
Make it rough as if it was sparsely coated in sand. Bluish colors towards the top going down into earth tones. Think “sand and sky”.

I searched for buttonwood bonsai to see what others are doing. They’re doing EVERYTHING. So, for right now, you can do anything you like. What I described is what I’d like to do with it. Feel free to find your own inspiration. I’d love to see where you go with this.

Bill those are some good suggestions/insite! Thanks for the feedback.

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We call those egg shell, and have access to some nice rustic looking ones from Dasu Bonsai Studio
:thinking:. Also possible to place the buttonwood on a cupped stone or slab? The more I see Ryan and Michael Hagedorn placing natives on slab the more I believe that is my future.

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I agree. The other tree I have still has lime stone sandwiched in its root base so I may find a good piece of lime stone to carve out a “pot”

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