Buttonwood final composition

Hi, I recently planted this buttonwood in a concrete kurama. Any recommendations?


It’s a very nice set up! Without knowing what you were working for roots. The position where you planted it makes it feel unstable, of that something you were going for then ignore this.

I would change the potting angle and position to something closer to this.

sorry for the poor quality editing tool (my finger with my phone)

With the roots I have thats the best I could do

I really like this. It looks stable to me with the apex above the base of the trunk and a majority of the trees mass inside the footprint of the pot. I just had a challenging repot similar to this with a root system less than desirable.

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Buttonwoods have very brittle roots and are extremely sensible to root manipulation so I played safe.

That one right lower twig, compleates a circle…
Shorten it by…give it a back twist, left twist, front twist and tip up…:heart:

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