Breaking the rules?

Deciduous conifers in glazed pots.
What are your thoughts?
Specifically Larch.
I’m thinking this Walsall pot is not an unreasonable pot for one of my larches. But it goes against the “Rules”.
I don’t have a current picture of the Larch as they were on my old phone and the tree is still frozen in storage.
However here is an older pic of tree and possible pot.


I‘d say why not. And in the end you need to like your trees and some rule book guy.

I like it and I think it goes with the move to use non-traditional containers for our trees.


You really do need to know the “rules” so then & if you do break them – You know why.

Isn’t great to think out the BOX !!


this will look awesome during fall, winter could look quite stark but then when buds break the contrast could be quite beautiful. sort of like a life/death motif.

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Definitely a great solution for natural alpine style trees making the deadwood pop👍 mat white for a fresh powder snow feel or white glazes for and icey effect.

I like the new combo as well; however, I think your composition would carry more oomph if you planted your tree in a bit more to the center

I also placed one of my larches into a White glazed pot and thought it would be a cool “snow look” during the winter image. Last year was actually a strange one regarding deciduous and conifers and pots. I have several deciduous in non-glazed and now 3 conifers in glazed pots :smiley: