Brazillian Rain Tree design - change potting angle?

Hey there!

I did a trim on my Brazillian Rain Tree, and it struck me that maybe the planting angle needs to be changed. What do you think?

I put the notebook in front to simulate a straight pot rim to help visualize.




Good looking BRT…I love them.
I’m a fan of the new angle.
The tilted angle and a little more negative space will really make that twisting trunk shine I think.
How does it look tilted the opposite direction?
Very nice tree. :+1:

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I would love to see it tilted to the left. For some reason that came to my mind as first thing seeing top two pictures only. ?
Wonderful trunk there!!! :heart_eyes:

Tilted the opposite way yields a very upright overall design which I’m not really a fan of, but I think I like the new angle too. Thanks!

@keegan, have you become set on this being the front? Maybe changing the front could make a new potential angle… I would be curious to see this tree from other “fronts”.

@keegan I like the angle change, brings out some more interest to the twisted base and slightly more movement in the vertical section in the upper trunk.

To keep it short, I like the new angle. The branches will need to come move to match the new angle, but it makes the movement much more interesting.

Agreed @el_cheezer, I’ll need to adjust some of the branches.

Here are some more pics of the current “back,” with and without tilt, and a side shot. Gotta get some more depth going as well. Sort of two-dimensional at this point.

Amazing that in two days the shoots have elongated this much! This thing is pushing like hell–it loves the high 90s!