BRT Forest in Development. Design suggestions?

This is my Brazilian Raintree forest, which I grew from several air-layered cuttings. The larger tree(s) are about five years old. The forest consists of three larger trees and six twig-sized trees planted on a slab. Critiques appreciated. Enjoy!


No criticism here, I like the composition very much and would love to see how it matures!

Agree. Awesome design

I think it’s great also. Ryan might say it would benefit with a small tree in front of primary tree otherwise it looks a little two dimensional.

I agree. The pieces are there, but the visuals are lacking. I’ll need to include your insight into my development goals.

I imagine the height being lowered to the large foliage below the upper & that negative air space being the sky above. Not being able to see the bones in this new top may negate that idea, but if it can the entire size can be lessened giving the little trees more possibility

Sorry - no design insight here! What is your watering regimen and hosting environment? my BRT (about age and size of your central trees) is a thirsty beast requiring (near) daily attention. My previous slab projects (currently on hold!) also dried out quickly and I thought the raintree on a slab might be a bit challenging from a hydration standpoint. Would appreciate your comments…

Hi Mitchelljh. Welcome to the community! I am located in Dallas TX-- Zone 8. The temp. has hit 90F about three times this season and we can look forward to frequent 100F+ days in late June-early September. So watering is an important issue. With my BRT, I am careful to use 1/8-3/8" particles, well sieved, composed of 2:1:1 akadama, pumice and volcanic rock. On smaller trees, I use smaller grains. I also use deeper pots than many of my “purist” friends use, making it possible to keep the substrate cooler and better hydrated.

On the slab composition, I build up the perimeter of the slab with muck for the same reason I use deeper pots: I am able to keep the substrate deeper, cooler and allow it to hold more water. Then, I water the trees once or twice a day. I’ve been keeping BRT’s for about 7-8 years now, and I have never overwatered them. At least not to the point of root rot. I assume that is because in spite of the deep pots, I maintain a pretty free flow of water. Feel free to continue the conversation if you think I can be of help. Good luck with the trees. .