Brazilian Rain Tree Design Ideas

In 2020, Dallas experienced a freeze that killed off several of my tropical trees, including a well developed Brazilian Rain Tree, which froze right to the ground. Fortunately, several buds emerged that became branchlets, and I have been able to regrow about 11 trees through a series of grow/air layer/grow cycles. Anyway, here is one that I am ready to refine the design and I was wondering what you would do design wise if the tree was yours?

Thanks for the input!

Do these back-bud? My first thought is a trunk chop just above the fourth branch up. The lowest branch is really bare for a long way. Remove it, unless it will grow more buds?

Yes, They backbud readily. And another air layer/trunk shop is certainly a good option. Thank you for the input. Anyone else?

Lovely structure!

I would start growing it out wider and flatter at the top and keeping the lower branches tucked in to facilitate almost an acacia umbrella/flat top style tree

Danielle, I love the Pierneef style on BRT’s. If I did that on this one, do you suggest I remove the lower branches, or keep them?

If it were me, for now, I would keep the right branch, but keep it short and tucked in :smirk:

then start building out the canopy wide. Over time you will probably take a few more lower branches of the canopy but I think as you widen it, the density will look better up top