Pinus Sylvestris design ideas

I,ve collected this tree 2 years ago, after some care it grows quite well and i have to think about its future design.
I hope some of you could give me some design ideas, there are sure a lot of things i wouldn’t think off because i’ve got not enough experience.

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I would reduce down to two’s on all branch structures. There is already a huge inverse taper that is occurring at the bottom, I would then focus on back budding on the remaining branches then in another year or two start to look at what you have and then think about a design moving forward

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Hi. If you could airlayer right below whorl it would turn into an awesome clump style tree. Pines and air layering would probably be challenging but I’d try for that Inverse taper a problem right now

Sorry but air layer is not an option for me. Too risky i think.

I thought about getting rid of all lower branches, creating a deeper wound on one side and form some kind of shari.

I would second the “air layer” but I would think about it as a “ground layer” given it’s only a few inches up from the current base. I don’t think it is nearly as risky but it is not likely to be a single season approach like a deciduous tree. But if your optimizing for speed in this is game probably only going to find frustration! Sorry to piggy back on advice you were not excited about but based on the material I think the reward greatly outweighs the risk.

With that said it is your practice do what you believe needs to be done based on where you are at in the journey!

Good luck and have fun or what’s the point

Little update, i cut the 3 biggest lower branches. Now it looks way better than before i think.

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Based off what you have trimmed off already you could do something tall and elegant like this. Apologies I’m never very good at drawing pads for pines…

Not quite what i’m looking for, i thought about bending it more down to compact the tree.
Sorry for my bad drawing skills but i was never good at that.

i have chosen 2 potentional Frontsides and made better pictures because the last ones were not good i think. These are the best i could do.
I´m trying to find the best trunk line without inverse taper.

Front 1

Front 2

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I’ve bent the main trunk in the best shape i could think off for this tree. Now i’m looking for the final design and shape of the braches.

This is the front but there was too much green in the way to get a good picture, so i lined out the main trunk line on my smartphone. So forgive me if its not 100% accurate.

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So this is what i’ve done so far, i hope my decisions were right.