Second year shore pine

Hey @rafi here are some pictures of the shore pine in it’s second year of building. I’m going to be bringing the new growth down into the negative spaces this fall along with jinning the top and a little more bend in the middle with copper wire (now that I have some). Next re pot will be into a mirror style pot or floral. On the outside chance a slab or natural rock looking container.

looks good @Reno_David. I would bring down and left slightly the lowest branch sort of following the movement of the trunk and bend around and forward the next branch to create the pads at that area. Great potential for this tree!

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That is pretty much the plan. that new growth on the lowest branch will come down and out to the left. the big bend will compact it a little more but I don’t want much. As time goes on, the apex will come into play also.

great plan! I look forward to see how this tree develops in the future.

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