A Little Lodgepole Pine

Hi All,

I’ve been playing with a mame/shohin lodgepole pine. It was collected last year.

I was torn between leaving it tall and going for a literati style or making it more compact. In the end I went bugger it lets try this. The pads will definitely need some work. But it’s a start.


Now what’s missing is a rock under the funky roots above the soil.
Love the twist you gave it!

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It’s a super start. I like 3 as the front, complete with the pot at a 45. I enjoy it as a whole. I agree a rock could look nice in the roots, but personally the “raised roots” look does not bother me. Fun Pine.

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So I took the wire off a couple of weeks ago. I did loose a couple of branches. I think I snapped them while positioning them. But I think they could become reasonable jin.

Next step to develop the pads.

Oh and @moon I agree with you picture 3 in the first post, picture 1 in this is my preferred side too!


Very good styling,now you should make some jin to make the design even more interesting.

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Funnily enough that is the plan with the little branch with the wire on it. The branch hadn’t lasted but there was still some sap at that point so I left the wire there to hope to shape.

There may be another depending on how the smaller branches survive. One was quite weaker than the others and I suspect won’t last.

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Ok right
Good luck and good job
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Keep in mind that bud orientation is important on single flush pines. You want them pointing slightly up or they will weaken and the tree might ultimately shed them.