Feedback please -Japanese Black Pine refinement & development FLOW CHART


Nice! Thanks! Chart looks very thorough

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sure no problem, ill keep updating it and attaching it into the forum as its working progress. im hoping that Ryan will comment on it and rectify any mistakes so its as accurate as it can be for people

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Any way to get it bigger?

Open the image in a new tab or window. Then you will be able to zoom in to see the text.

You have a stray “NO” in the root work section, around the root inspection question. Other than that, it’s really well put together. I’m a newbie to pines, but from what I have read and watched before, it looks pretty solid.

:slight_smile: yeah i noticed the getaway NO. ill sort it out and upload a new copy soon thank you

great work man! i’m doing exactly like this. very very nice. it would be nicer with @ryan coments!

Thank you alll dor your comments. I have asked @Ryan to have a look and comment several times but I think he is too busy at the moment. Hopefully he will take a look

Liking the chart. You guys are awesome. Mirai forum peeps:hatching_chick:mirai

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This is great! Very cool of you to share. Love the Mirai community!!


That is a nice chart. The way you have it laid out is great for anyone getting into pines. Its a good “visual checklist”

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thank you all. im so glad you found it useful. if anything needs changing that looks incorrect please let me know. hopefully @ryan will also confirm if anything needs amending. I will at some point do another one for the southern hemisphere and also for single flush pines. I dont have a licensed version of visio hence all the water marks, but it does the job. thanks. HAKAN

Hi, any updates? Thx u.