Japanese black pine and uk climate

I was listening to the Peter Warren podcast last night and he said that Japanese black pines aren’t suited to the uk climate, has anybody else in the uk found there to be an issue with this and if so what problems have you had with them, i only ask as i purchased my first one last winter and hoping ive not made a mistake.

I personally do not own a Japanese black pine but I have friends who have. I suggest you ask other practitioners in your area or join some of the FB UK groups and ask.

I grow black pines, have for many years, and also know Peter. His reasoning is based upon the UK climate. Our lack of sunlight, variable weather throughout and general temperature situation means that we struggle with the two flush techniques that Ryan carefully explains. When I’ve used it my trees have been extremely weak the following season so have reverted back to treating them as a single flush. This doesn’t kill the tree as mine are all healthy but it does make getting ramification and needle reduction a pain. In terms of general health mine have been fine throughout.

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back to the drawing board and researching single flush pines then lol, this is my first pine in my collection so i’m a bit short on knowledge.

Do you get a good winter freeze there or just sleety cold?

To be honest it varies each year, we can get either. It’s also dependent upon where in the country. This year we had a late start to spring with some intermittent snowfall then warmth then bitterly cold again. It’s impossible to predict.

yeah this year was a bad one, my jbp is struggling a bit this year.

Generally I find JBP are fine over here. Yes what Pete said about sunlight is true and side by side you cant compare growth rates of JBP over here to somewhere like Madrid or Takamatsu (just need to look at the weather app on your phone to see the sunlight difference).

The growth does vary from year to year (abit like our weather) but generally JBP are perfectly fine here. I’d say scots pine are best and white pines are a real struggle and pain. btw i live on the south coast so the weather is pretty good for UK standards.

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Hi, any updates/advice?

Sorry but I’m a bit confuse,could you explain again Peter warren advice?

Does that mean to keep the tree indoors during that time?

Hi please Ignore that post. I have removed it now. He is the wrong person to advise on pines as its not his area of expertise. I didn’t know this at the time

Oh there is anything wrong with peters advice? Sorry about the silly questions :sweat:

Hi, I’m also in the south of UK, are you treating your jbp as single flush? could you share a bit more your experience and perhaps any advice plz?