Japanese red pine

I’ve purchased a Japanese red pine today it needs a few years growing before I do to much to it. My question is how do they do with the uk climate do they struggle like the jbp.

Hi @Daubz1977
I would say even more so than JBP. I raised JBP and JRP from seed last year in the UK and the Beast from the East finished most of the reds but only half of the blacks.
Is your new tree grafted?

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It doesn’t look grafted to me.

What’s the problem for the black pine?, if it’s the colder winters then jrp is no problem, they are way more cold hardy then jbp.

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I grow both black and red in SE UK and have no issues with either. An open soil mix helps with the issue of a wet autumn/winter but just be wary of constantly damp. The downside to both is that our climate does not lend itself to the 2 flush technique in the way that longer sunnier climes do. I treat mine as I would a single flush. A slower process but the trees get there eventually.


I put both types of seedling in the ground and neglected them. The blacks did better than the reds. Maybe cold, maybe neglect- I just found the reds a bit weaker. Still, with care, both should thrive in the UK, just the reds may need a bit more care.

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Agree with @Blown55 you should be careful when it comes to damp weather esp if you are anywhere but South in UK. Also somebody has similar question here already.
@AndyK were your seedlings protected from the snow and frost? If one year old no wonder many of them struggled to survive. I have (most of my research says) two seedlings JBP and one so far not confirmed Stone Pine, which grows mainly in Italy, in their 4th year always outside and they thrive this year like never before. The beast from the east didn’t damage single needle :slight_smile:
I don’t water my trees at all during winter and they all seem to be fine. I have to say couple of them could do better with winter protection I just don’t have capacity yet to do so. Using the luck Im in South of UK :wink:


Hi Blown55, I’m in South UK and recently bought a shohin JBP which decandled late (early july) I can see small new buds emerging but I’m afraid it won’t have enough time to grow. I need to check how to treat it as single flush but perhaps is better to use grow lights or heat mat… Any advice please?

I’m going to put my shohin blacks under lights this autumn to extend the light. The good weather at present is doing us a favour but probably still not a long enough duration. I have the lights that Kaizen sell. My large blacks I treat the same as single flush. Not saying this is right but it works for me.