Post-Stream Discussion - Shohin Refinement

Hey everyone!

What we all learn, like, dislike, were challenged by, want to know more about, etc.?

This week we focused on pruning, needle selection, and wiring (with the goal of a sustainable design) of this amazing Japanese Black Pine shohin.

I am including a before and after image of this composition for everyone to critique, comment on, or appreciate.


Making you work on 4th of July!
Thanks for the before and after. Nice to hear the story of how the tree started and the mistakes made over time. Turns out awesome!!

Truly amazing tree. Even the tachiagari (area on the trunk above the roots) looks better. Can’t believe two wedge cuts were made on this tree and how well the wiring went without damaging the needles. Very challenging work online in real time. Wow.

I would also add that the apex’s direction to the right is a bit under-stated. I guess it will have to grow into its new position.