Japanese Black Pine Decandle and Shoot Select

Made this video through 1 growing season. Might do more of a raw Black Pine development in this style of video and document my work every year!


Nice visual summary all in one place. I noticed you did a moderate amount of needle plucking when you decandled. Wouldn’t this normally be done the previous fall to balance energy? or was it for some specific reason?

I noticed the candles on the branches I was taking the needles off of were slightly more vigorous the others, So it made sense at the time to control some of that vigor. It seemed to help as the new candles that emerged were fairly close to the same size. I cant confirm that 100% for sure though haha it will take me couple more decandling cycles to test it!

Really nicely done. Nice editing music and information

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Awesome video. Nicely done :+1:t2:. I watched Ryan’s video on the JBP process and it appears you followed the Mirai process very well. Thanks so much for posting. You have an awesome JBP!