JWP Calendar of Work To Do advice

This year I am looking to start developing my JWP rather than just maintaining it like I have been for the past couple of years.
The tree needs quite a bit of work as can be seen in the photos so am looking to get advice on the work that needs carrying out and the best time to carry out this work in the correct order for the UK (zone 8 I believe). I have just finished de-candling the Pine as well
Also any help with streams that Ryan has done that would help me in my development of the Pine and taking it forward. I already have the 5 needle Pine stream on my to do list.

Many thanks in advance my Bonsai friends

I am trying to learn how to deal with JWP as well. The tree is a single flush, long needle pine - i might be wrong but i think Ryan says for a tree in development, we do not remove the candles except for the ones that ruin the tree’s silouette. I think he also says that it is important to keep (some) new candles because the movement of sugars and starches is what makes backbudding possible. .
When you refer to de-candling, can u please explain what exactly have you done and what are you trying to achieve (as Ryan would say)? It is a bit confusing to me and i am trying to clarify it in my mind.
Thank u for your help.

I hope you don’t mean that you have de-candled the jwp?

Thanks for the replies @Stavros and @Blown55

I’m not sure I’m using the right term but what I mean by de-candling removing the middle candle in a group of three or in a group of 2 cutting the strongest growing candle of the two back to 3/4 or half to balance the energy over the tree if that makes sense as that was what I was told to do by the person I brought the JWP from


OK. I thought for a moment that you meant a total de-candling in the way that is done with a 2 flush pine. Panic over! :slight_smile:

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Sorry to have panicked you @Blown55, guess I need to choose the right words in future lol

@BonsaiJourneyman, once the sheaths drop from new shoots it means growth has hardened off and we can work on our 5 needle pines. You can cut back to strong back buds to start compacting any leggy growth. I tend to leave 3rd yr needles on until the start to yellow in late summer/early fall. Wiring/styling can also be carried out at this time. Then just make sure to provide good aftercare. There’s a thread on eastern white pine where I talk about the refinement techniques I’ve used on my JWP with great success, basically in refinement don’t fertilizer in spring and don’t touch the candles. Let them all elongate and prune back to more desired growth once it’s hardened off. Your tree looks nice and healthy. Best of luck to you. JWP is my favorite pine species.



Thank you for the help @Fletch_173.

I’m planning on sitting down this weekend and watching Ryan’s stream on Five Needle Pines and taking plenty of notes. Will also look to see if there are any other strand that will be helpful to developing my JWP.

Many thanks to all who have offered advices so far, I really appreciate it